The Face Masks You’d Want In Your Collection!

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A few months ago, I created a skincare regimen that I have since been sticking too, (yay me!) and receiving great results. Part of that regime is the application of hydration face masks at least twice per week, or when necessary. One thing I’ve since noticed Continue reading

New Insta Just For You!


I’m finally on Instagram! I’ve always wanted to create an account to connect with you on another platform but, I’ve held back because:

(1) I’m already struggling enough as It is to keep this Blog going.

(2) Time Just hasn’t been on my side period.

(3) Currently, I don’t have much excitement going on in my daily life to showcase on Social Media.

But, cutting out excuses was part of my 2019 Vision Board and January was my due date. At the beginning of the year I convinced myself, “Rebecca, you don’t have to live an exciting life to have Social Media. You Just have to be yourself. You’re living aren’t you?.”  So, I created an account.

I would love to catch up with you guys and see what you have going on otherwise.

Let’s stay connected, follow me on Instagram @lifestylebybeccascreenshot_20190124-001533






A Quick And Fun Way To Save Money In 2019

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One thing that is definitely challenging for most of us, is saving money. And, with all the new ‘almost everything’ that comes about every so often, It’s becoming even more difficult to do so.  My savings plan usually consists of deposits – just because I’ve found it to be more credible than my five fingers. At times an unrealistic out of budget amount -often because I find that I don’t save enough, Specifically how I plan to go about it and then the sacrificing pressure is usually on from there.

This month, however, as I was binging through Pinterest, I found this awesome way to save money without the added pressure. Which was to get a Jar with a lid, a piggy-bank or anything that serves as a savings container and save every five dollar bill you come in contact with. For instance, If you’ve spent ten dollars and happen to receive a five dollar bill among the change, save it. I was so excited, my first thought was “Why didn’t I think of this before?.”  I used to save every crisp dollar bill I came in contact with but they were very far and few. A five dollar bill? I can do this.

All that to say, that I think this is an excellent way to save a couple extra dollars without the huge sacrifices. I would definitely be doing this and I didn’t want to leave you out. It’s extremely easy, and I think a bit of a good fun challenge to engage in as well because you now have to remember to put aside the five dollar bill and not spend it.

I would like to add a little bit of a twist as well though, would you like to know? Alright here goes…For every bill you spend, you’ve now to save double the amount upon your next contact.

I’m curious to know what you think and Just how much will be your end of year savings. – The latter is rhetorical.